Residents discover automobiles on landscaping...


Blocks without any tires; and other Brownstown authorities reports. A Brownstown Township resident told police she parked her gray 2016 Ford Explorer in her driveway in the 16000 block of Birch and somebody jacked it up onto landscaping blocks and eliminated all four tires and rims, leaving simply the lug nuts behind.


The incident took place at some point throughout the night of March 16 and the morning hours the following day.According to an authorities report, absolutely nothing else was disrupted.


Cops were called to the 20000 block of Busenbark at about 7 a.m. that exact same day and took a complaint about a comparable criminal activity that happened sometime throughout the night.The owner of a black 2015 Ford Explorer told cops somebody handled to raise his vehicle onto landscaping blocks and took all 4 tires and rims.


The lug nuts to the Explorer were left on the ground there, too.Both car owners informed cops they did not hear or see anyone.In other police-related news:Two motorcycle saddlebags were taken out the garage in the 27000 block of Crawford.


The event is believed to have actually taken place at some point between midday March 16 and 2:30 p.m. the next day.According to a police report, they are black fiberglass stock saddlebags for a Harley Davidson bike.The owner told authorities the saddlebags had been gotten rid of from the motorbike for cleaning and were on a table in the garage.


There is a deadbolt lock on the door, however the homeowner said it was not on that night.According to the owner, the two saddlebags together deserve about $2,400.